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We offer you a gainful variant of weekly stay in our surf school!

During 7 days you will stay in light and cozy shared rooms (3 or 4 persons in room) in 1 minute to go to the beach. Our main spot is situated in 2 minutes by foot.

Breakfast (breakfast table) is included in room price.

SURF + STAY OFFER includes 4 surf lessons with our instructors and 4 solo surf practice – every student in our surf school has an opportunity to get surf equipment for own practice, cause it’s important for your progress in surfing. In total it will be 8 surf session during a week.


May, June, July, October — 310EUR 240EUR*
August, September — 370EUR 310EUR*

*for bookings, made and pre-paid till the end of July 2020



For your safety and convenience our custom designed softboards are covered with layer of soft rubber and equipped with soft fins. Our large and sustainable boards are specially designed for beginners, so they let you make many mistakes while you’re in the ocean without any penalty. You’re destined to succeed with a board like this!


A cord that is used to attach a surfboard to your leg. So even if you miss your board, it won’t float too far.a


We provide you with a warm neopren wetsuit for your comfort.

Surf Insurance

During all the time of surf practicing in our school, you will be provided with a special insurance policy with the best medical supply needed.

Analyzing by photos*

We’ll being using video coaching & theory lessons and correction of mistakes to keep you on the path towards significant results

<i><span lang=”EN-US”>*If you will like to buy photos from lessons, it costs 1 lesson – 10€, all lessons – 30€.</span></i>

*If you will like to buy photos from lessons, it costs 1 lesson – 10€, all lessons – 30€.


  • Cozy dorms for 3 or 4 persons in each room.
  • Single beds, shower, WC in every room.
  • Ocean in front of the hotel.
  • Café and restaurant on the 1st floor.

Price includes:

  • Breakfast (breakfast table)
  • Bed sheets
  • Towels
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