Portugal is an amazing european country washed from south and east by Atlantic ocean. Portuguese shores surrounded by beautiful cliffs are delightful and very hard not to fell in love with. And when you realize that along this magical coast stretches an incredible number of surf spots your admiration is on its peak.

Peniche is the most western city in Portugal (about 90 km from Lisbon), situated just at the point of concentration of many excellent spots and allows you to surf all year round. There are some spots for beginners with the best possible conditions for pupils. You can find also spots for intermediate surfers to improve their progress and technique. As well as spots for experienced surfers, where in the winter season from November, huge swells are coming and bringing big waves here. One of the events of ASP world tour (surfing main championship) is taking part here on Supertubosh surf spot.

Surfing in Peniche and Baleale

In the summer period (from May to October), the spots around Peniche and Baleal have great conditions for training. Small and medium-sized waves are coming at that time and suitable both for early beginners and those who already work out the carving technique and improving aggressive turns.

Daytime temperature is very comfortable, when it warms up to 30 degrees and the water getting warmer and warmer. This mild Portuguese climate is not heat exhausting and makes it possible to wear a hoodie in the evening and enjoy the fresh air.

Here some surf spots description near Peniche:

Surfspot Almagreira

Almagreira – Beachbreak, lefts and rights, sandy bottom, all surfers experience. Best in south middle (5-6 ft) swell, south wind and mid to high tide.

Surfspot Lagide

Lagide – Nice left reef break for experienced surfers. Works in north-west and west swell (3-5 ft), south or south-west wind direction and mid to high tide.

Surfspot Prainha

Prainha – Beachbreak with awesome left and right waves, perfect for beginners. It’s on with a 3-5ft NW swell, wind SE, mid to high tide

Surfspot Cantinho

Cantinho – Beachbreak for beginners, sandy bottom. Lefts and rights. Needs min 3ft north-west swell. Better in NW, W and NE wind directions. Best in high tide.

Surfspot Meio de Baia

Meio de Baia (“Middle of the bay”) – Large and wide beachbreak with plenty of left and right peaks. All experience surfers. Best in N and NW swell, S or SE wind, middle to high tide

Surfspot Supertubos

Supertubos – World famous break known for its perfectly tubular waves. This spot is famous for its lefts but mainly provides epic rights. Supertubos was acknowledged by Surfer magazine as being one of the best waves in the world. Suitable for kamikaze surfers. Very close from the shore to shoot and watch. Pumping from 3-5ft up to 10ft and more. Good in west (north-west, south-west) swell. Wind north or noth-east. Low tide is welcome.